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Rockin' Ed Pauli, born [1963] and still lives in Cleveland OH area:
On my show you will hear all the styles of music that Top Shelf listeners
like to hear. Plus occasionally I dip back into the roots of Rock n Roll -
playing the Blues, Country and Gospel styles that influenced Elvis, Buddy
Holly, Little Richard, and the Beatles. I also play some later recordings
that capture the sound of the early rock era--including retro Rockabilly
and Roots music AKA Americana. I always try to play at least one Elvis 
and or one Beatles recording. What you will not hear is overplayed hits,
Sha-Na-Na type of nostalgia or
anything that you would hear on the
so-called OLDIES stations.

Being born in 1963, I missed the 50s and early 60s-- but caught on  rather 
quickly when Mom gave me all her old 45s which I quickly wore out. A 
Neighbor also gave me boxes of 45s when I was about 8..these stacks 
contained all the classic 45s from 1955-1967- Elvis, Beatles, SUN records, 
etc. My grandfather had a large collection of 78s which contained all the
country records by Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Kitty Wells, Jimmie
[the singing Brakeman] and his all time favorite Gene Autry. Later
on as I
searched the radio dial, I discovered programs on small college stations 
that played oldies equivelent to much of the material we play on TopShelf Oldies,
less hits and more rarties. I later began collecting these more obscure oldies,
especially the doo wop and rockabilly, but also the roots of rock n roll music. 
I started playing guitar when I was about 10 or 11, I later sought out other 
musicians who shared my love of this music and began playing both solo 
and in small groups--mostly country, gospel, bluegrass  and rockabilly.                                         

Below are past shows you can listen to anytime you'd like. The
first colum lists the show number. The second column is for
real time streaming of the shows. Once you start listening,
you will be able to drag your music player's slider to the portion
of the show you missed, if you don't want to hear the entire show.
The third column is a download option. Simply right click any of
the choices and then choose 'Save As' or 'Save Target As' and save
to your hard drive in any folder preferred. You will then be able
to play this on your pc or even load it into your portable player.

Mystery Train Wreck 05-11-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 04-20-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 03-30-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 03-09-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 02-16-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 01-12-17 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 12-15-16 Stream Download
Mystery Train Wreck 11-17-16 Stream Download